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Adding Teams Voice and Full Lifecycle Management in Minutes
iPILOT offers a cloud platform as a service (CPaaS) to support the entire Microsoft Teams Calling lifecycle including migration, deployment, capacity management, support, analytics, and integration. iPILOT automation and simplicity allows you to be up and running with full calling capabilities in minutes. It automates both Direct Routing and Operator Connect capabilities while solving for carrier hosted SBCs, on-premises SIP trunks, or bring your own SBCs, carriers, and operators.
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Communications Provisioning in Minutes, not Months



iPILOT™ offers a single pane of glass view and control of your entire global communications infrastructure.



iPILOT™ simplifies the onboarding & tenant provisioning process into a single workflow that can be managed by non-technical personnel.



iPILOT™ reduces the time to market for Direct Routing customers to minutes, not months.

As a global company, we have many sites in different countries with current contracted relationships with carriers, existing on premise SBCs, and legacy phone systems. We were able to leverage iPilot to bring all these together in one easy to use, single pane of glass for Microsoft Teams management. Amazing!

CTOGlobal Manufacturing company

Wait! What? That’s it?!?

I didn’t know anything about powershell, but I didn’t need to with iPilot. This platform takes all the complexity out of Teams phone system.

CIOOrgan bank, non profit organization.

When the pandemic hit, I asked how fast we could move 1200 or our users to work from home on Teams. NuWave and iPilot had us up and running in 2 hours! The responsiveness, flexibility, and speed in which iPilot and NuWave operate is incredible.

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Imagine a World

Where you can connect your entire complex communication network infrastructure, without coding, into a single intuitive user interface that offers:

Easy Management

Intuitive stepwise management

Multi-Carrier Support

Bring your own carrier options


On-demand capacity scaling

MACD Support

End-to-end MACD


On-demand survivability features


Secure SSO through Active Directory

What makes iPILOT unique compared to other solutions,

NUWAVE owns the entire solution end-to-end.

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Unified Solution
Single Pane of Glass
Global Compliance
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    Meet with an expert to ensure you have the proper licensing in place and help you to prepare your Microsoft Teams Tenant for Calling.

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    Once we can ensure that proper licensing is in place, we can quickly activate your numbers and users to start making phone calls.

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    Enhance your user collaboration and see how easy it is to manage your global communication infrastructure using iPilot. Enable new users in minutes, and explore all of iPILOT's robust features.

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iPILOT is Revolutionizing Communications Management

Cost Advantage

Globally manageable by a single non-tech administrator.

Time Advantage

10x Faster deployments. Deploy in minutes, not months.

Microsoft Alignment

Global Support for Operator Connect and Direct Routing.

Full Microsoft Teams Voice Lifecycle Management

Automates migration, deployment, capacity management, support, analytics, and integration within a single pane of glass and a single workflow.

Here is what our customers think:

When you said NUWAVE's iPILOT portal eliminates all the PowerShell headaches of provisioning Direct Routing I wondered if you had a camera in our office and had observed some of the recent Powershell challenges we had experienced before partnering with NuWave

I wanted to send a quick email to let you know what a great job your engineers did with supporting me and our company this past week. We were both very impressed with the attention to detail and how simple the engineers made it. This speaks volume on the kind of team and leadership iPILOT has and I wanted to say thank you!

Our move from SfB on-prem would not have been remotely possible without the guidance, assistance, and best practices we received from iPILOT’s TeamsVoice/O365 Engineers. They are Rockstars, seriously!

iPILOT and especially your Teams Engineers level of expertise has been incredibly helpful during our transition from SfB on-prem to Teams Hosted Direct Routing

iPILOT has been by far the best company to work with and their services are fantastic. From working with support and speaking with the engineers, the overall experience has been excellent. Migration from our old PBX into NUWAVE was simple and the engineers worked hand in hand with us to ensure a smooth transition. Highly recommend and have nothing bad to say.

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Customer FAQ

Does iPILOT manage all the tenant configurations for Microsoft Teams Voice

Yes, provisioning for all required Teams Voice configurations is available and controllable inside iPILOT for full production end state.

Does iPILOT provide PBX management features like the on-premises solutions that are out there today?

Yes, iPILOT offers many PBX management features like call forwarding, international toggles, SMS, E911 and Dynamic 911, CNAM, Call forking, 4 digits dialing between legacy PBX and/or contact center agents just to name a few.

Can you handle device ordering and management in iPILOT?

Yes, iPILOT has an integrated procurement portion that enables distribution center API integration for an end-to-end ordering platform for any device.

Does iPILOT have AD integration?

Yes, iPILOT offers integration with Microsoft Active Directory and can even be enabled for Multi-factor authentication as well.

Can iPILOT manage other carrier and operators that I bring with me?

Yes, iPILOT has a dedicated section for bring your own carrier FQDN and number management all within a single pane of glass.

Can iPILOT integrate with 3rd party tools and/or systems offered through other partners?

Yes, iPILOT has an ongoing roadmap of vendors and tool sets for market value or customer driven integrations.

How long does it take to turn up a customer from start to finish?

A customer POC can be turned up in under an hour, and full production can be rolled out as quickly as the customer desires. For example, 1000 seats can be deployed with voice in the same day. All iPILOT services are real-time and on-demand.

Partner FAQ

Does iPILOT handle multi-tenancy for white-label partners and their customers?

Yes, reseller partners have a top-down view of all their customer’s profiles and individual controls, whereas customer also have independent access to just their profile.

How long does it take to onboard a white-label partner?

We can onboard a partner in as little as 5 business days.

How long does it take to turn up a customer from start to finish?

A customer POC can be turned up in under an hour, and full production can be rolled out as quickly as the customer desires. For example, 1000 seats can be deployed with voice in the same day. All iPILOT services are real-time and on-demand.

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